Mission Statements

Redefining Media Narratives


We care about your business first of all. We care about you as an individual. Our values and integrity is embedded in our name and the services we bare. We are solution based media and integrated marketing solution outfits, who is the business to redefine media narratives.
Our hope and values resides in us as a team. Media vaccine team of highly motivated and talented creators will provide for your top-notch media services, bespoke web design and excellent integrated marketing services.
Media vaccine has a role to play in your businesses, marketing needs and media efforts, we want you to rise on top to be seen online on the web. With over 100,000 of businesses evolving on daily basis competing in the same space; you have to rank on top if you want to be seen. Digital Marketing approach sets the bar for search engine optimization with methods and cutting edge of search engine optimization tactics that helps you take your business rankings to a new level. We care about your business first and foremost. Every decision is made with the purpose of understanding your business goals and bottom-line. Solution is the new name of the game; Integrity is our watch word which will be backed with detailed monthly reports so you know exactly what you are paying for. Parklanders, and Manitobans are already searching for your products, let them find you with mind blowing strategy and award winning media and marketing services.


To generate for your local business, the highest number of sales leads for every cent of Digital Marketing and Media Services spent, using best in class marketing strategy for a result driven orientated approach, and to create a long lasting relationship with end-users for services provided on day basis.


Media vaccine is aimed to help businesses grow from small scale businesses into conglomerates. We want to capture the entire Canada in our Media and marketing effort, and also extend the hand of fellowship and expertise to Africa.

Remember we want to build your brands and grow your business!